Accessible solutions specialist AKW has announced that its successful Bluetooth-enabled electric shower is being rebranded as of 1st November to the AKW SmartCare Plus.

The decision has been taken so that moving forwards, AKW SmartCare Plus can be positioned as the flagship product in a new range of AKW ‘smart’ products that the company will be launching in the future.

Ruth Ingledew, Managing Director of AKW, commented: “This rebranding process creates a strong foundation on which we can build our future ‘smart’ range of products.

“This is part of AKW’s commitment to the continued design of inclusive and care bathroom products, which include features approved by Occupational Therapists and other healthcare professionals, and which increase the safety and independence of those with reduced mobility or sensory impairments.”

This move follows AKW’s MBO and the appointment of Nick Parsons as Group CEO earlier this year, who confirmed in March that new products would be launched as part of his plans to refocus the company’s strategy.

AKW provides showering, daily living and kitchen solutions for people with mobility needs. The company works closely with occupational therapists and healthcare professionals to design its products.

Its clients include local authorities, housing associations and national and regional contractors.

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