Apple iphones

Apple has announced that its wireless AirPods headphones will benefit from Live Listen, an accessibility feature to helps those with hearing difficulties hear and sounds, towards the end of 2018.

First introduced by Apple in 2014, the Live Listen feature connects an individual’s iPhone to a hearing aid, turning an iPhone into a microphone.

The feature allows someone with hearing difficulties to point or give their iPhone to the person talking to help amplify and provide clarity to what is being said.

Traditionally, the feature was only available for Apple-certified hearing aids, however, the company has confirmed it will now be available for its AirPods.

The Live Listen for AirPods update will continue to function in the same way as it does for hearing aids, amplifying communications received through the wireless headphones when in use.

In addition, a range of audio filtering presets will be available for users to select their desired listening experience, such as choosing a ‘restaurant’ setting to stream noise-free audio from across a table or placed in front of a TV across the room so the user can listen at a normal volume.

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