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John Correlis

With customers increasingly turning to the internet before all else for their information, research and shopping, a website should be a company’s hardest-working, most powerful sales and marketing tool. John Correlis, Senior Account Manager at Accord Marketing, provides some expert tips on how mobility businesses can start making the most out of their online presence.

Once complicated and expensive, technology is now simple to use and very affordable – highlighting the need for brands to have a clear understanding of how their content is being consumed across multiple devices.

It’s all about targeted messaging, trackable performance and connected response – and it all starts with your website.

In a recent white paper published by Accord (which surveyed mobility users aged 55 and over), a third of respondents reported using the internet as their first port of call when researching mobility products.

This was by far the most popular source of inspiration, confirming that this diverse group is both digitally adept and has the time (and patience!) to explore merchandise, offers and service guarantees online.

Hence, in today’s digital landscape, it is imperative that mobility websites are visually-appealing, easy to navigate and functional.

No second chance at a first impression

First impressions mean everything in business and website design is the key to exploiting this. It’s your first chance to reach out and grab your audience, to push the meaning and purpose of your brand and to create a tone & personality.

Maximising conversions

The simplest way to increase any site’s conversion rate is by improving site navigation and making the “purchase journey” as seamless as possible.

Remember that many potential customers have probably found your website via a search engine or a referral page, meaning that they have already made several clicks to get to this point.

By the time they reach your site, therefore, navigation must be quick and effortless. If you make your visitors sift through multiple, unnecessary pages, they will get frustrated and simply exit your site.

It is important to bear in mind that this is an audience with an insatiable appetite for information – but they want benefits over features, information over entertainment and no frills over complexity.

1/3 reported turning to the internet as the first port of call

Informed improvements

Luckily, there are many tools at your disposal to investigate how users are engaging with your site.

Web usability studies, for example, use cursor-tracking technology to create heat maps of web pages, allowing you to pinpoint which features are being interacted with and – more importantly – which aren’t.

By analysing user frustrations, you can reposition important information, adjust text sizing and review your colour palette in order to make the overall purchase process run smoother.

Continuous development

The ever-evolving online landscape means that if you’re not keeping up-to-date with your audience, you’re going to lose them to the competition. The most important to thing to remember is that website improvement is an ongoing process.

One website redesign will not guarantee increased conversions if you do not regularly test and adapt your site, based on emerging engagement data.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you take a flexible and evolutionary approach to website design.

If you’re looking to improve your online performance, Accord will put in the time to understand your business, research ideas and then deliver a custom approach that gives you fantastic results in the shortest possible time.

There’s no guesswork – a structured approach will ensure work remains focused and concentrates on ongoing improvements to your ROI.

Accord is an integrated marketing agency specialising in the mature market. To find out more, contact John on 020 7395 9632 or

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