Having launched its own Lento Care Chair last year, Yorkshire Care Equipment has announced that it has redeveloped and launched a second Lento Hospital Spec Chair.

Initially, the company developed and designed the Lento from scratch, but the retailer has now redeveloped a new model to meet infection control standards, which is a key priority in hospitals all over the United Kingdom.

Padraig Finn, a band 6 physiotherapist at Yorkshire Care Equipment, said: “When we first launched the Lento, it was great because of how flexible it is. It can suit about 80% of the populations’ needs – but it needed some redevelopment to be better-suited to hospitals.

“The Lento has built-in adjustable seat width, height, and depth to make it as easy as possible for carers and nurses to adapt one single chair to many different patients’ needs.”

Yorkshire Care’s seating team worked closely with NHS hospitals to make sure that every item was covered in the new hospital Lento. One of the first things the team did was remove the Velcro, which can cause bacteria to harbour and grow.

The Lento legrest cushion, seat cushion, and all backrest cushions now stick to the chair using magnets to minimise the risk of cross-contamination between patients. The cushion on the footrest has also been redesigned to have a zip cover rather than Velcro.

Tristan Hulbert, Managing Director at Yorkshire Care Equipment, commented: “It’s been a great year for us following the launch of the Lento and loads of people have been impressed. It just seemed like a natural progression for us to redesign it specifically for hospitals.

“Obviously hospitals have lots of protocols in place to keep the risk of cross-infection to an absolute minimum, and we’ve worked to those standards to make sure that the Lento can provide hospital patients with the same flexibility and support.”

The new Lento chair is also available for hire from Yorkshire Care Equipment.

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